Cow Games

Bovine Bazaar
Click here for the best, most extensive cow themed gifts and merchandise

Back In The Saddle Gifts & Apparel

The Cow Dance

Oranges' Hall Of MOOs
People mooing like cows in fun and interesting ways

Mookie Cow's Very Own Arcade Baseball Game

Milk Panic
Milk the crazy cows before they blow up! Fun graphics of the cows blowing up....

Save The Cow
Like hangman, except you are saving the cow

Milk The Cow Game
Click on the cows as fast as you can until you fill the bucket.

Challenge a cow to tic-tac-toe.

Udder Insanity
Milk Cow, Shoot Gun, Dump Milk sound like fun?

Cyborg Heifers From Outer Space
In the near future, technologically Superior aliens have arrived on earth and decided to surgically alter livestock, changing them into deadly cybernetic killing machines

Cow In Out Game
Drag each item into the correct milkcan and drop it

Milko Music Machine
Create your own cow music video

Crazy For Cows Quiz
Test your cow knowledge -- take our QUIZ!

Cowpie Game
Cows don't like steak, so click on a cow to shoot the steak with a cow pie!

Holstein Cow Concentration

KnockDownaShake (Watch out for cows)

The Singing Cow

Cow Screensavers
This place provides you with great FREE cow screensavers, ready to download (just be patient !)

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Last modified: September 27, 2006