Cow Birthday Parties
MOO cow party goers :-)  Well people have been telling me they have been looking for a cow themed party and I have been looking too, but alas no one site has created a cow themed party ;-(  Oh moo is me, but hope is not lost, I have been looking and have put together a few links, if you buy your cow stuff separately you can have a cool cow party.  So browse the links below and put together your cow party.

Please note to find some of these products you'll have to type cow in the search box on the site.

If you prefer western themed parties click here


Barnyard Party
"Oink, oink, neigh, neigh, this is one great birthday!" Your little cowboys and cowgirls will love our Barnyard partyware featuring cows, pigs, and horses.  Great for use in middle school classrooms due to the younger students!
Cowboy Party
Yee ha! Your little bucking broncos will love our Cowboy Party supplies! For a Wild West feel, give your guests red bandannas and cowboy hats to wear, and serve BBQ.
Farm Friends

Have a birthday bash down on the farm with our Farm Friends party supplies! Decorate with a Farm Friends party banner, a tractor pinata, and cow balloons

Farm Animals

Our Farm Animals party supplies will make your little farmer as happy as a pig in mud! Add cowboy hats, a few bales of hay and a Farm Animals personalized party banner for a real birthday hoedown!

Thanks to just Farm Invitations
Cow Pinata
Cow Mylar Balloon
Cow Print Balloons
Farm Animals Personalized Invitation

Each of our Farm Animals Personalized Invitations measures 5" x 7" and comes with an envelope.

Farm Animals Deluxe Favor Set

Send your party animals back to their stables with fantastic favors! Each Farm Animals favor set includes a variety of deluxe barnyard favors, a favor box, and crinkle paper. Your party guests will jump over hurdles and gallop toward these farm goodies!

Farm Friends Personalized Invitation

Each of our Farm Friends Personalized Invitations measures 5" x 7" and comes with an envelope.

Barnyard Personalized Invitation

Each of our Barnyard Personalized Invitations measures 5" x 7" and comes with an envelope.

The Above Products are all from Birthday in a Box. 

Barnyard Birthday Balloon

Barnyard Birthday Balloon
The Barnyard Birthday Balloon is a 18" foil balloon that will be great at cow parties for everyone! Attach a ribbon and weight (not included) so it doesn't float away. Inflate with helium. This balloon will float up to 30 days and can be refilled. Made by Qualatax, the very best balloons. Order today!

Blow Up Cow Balloon

Blow Up Cow Balloon
Our head bull was like a cow with two tails when he saw this Blow Up Cow! We all love cows so much! That's why this will be such a great gift for a cow-lover you know! What will we think of next! A cute little bovine face with the classic black and white print! She'll delight calves big and small! Hang her up inside and out! Imagine how great the barn will look! Doesn't she just make you want to get your graze on? But shop swiftly, lovable moochandise like this always sells fast!

Cow & Friends Party Balloons

Cow & Friends Party Balloons
The Cow & Friends Party Balloons are a great party addition for those young calves. Each balloon pack contains 5 cows, 5 Chickens, 5 Pigs, 5 Horses and 5 Sheep. These 100% latax balloons are sold in packs of 25. Order now!

Cow Airwalker Balloon

Cow Airwalker Balloon
The Cow Airwalker Balloon is hours of entertainment for kids young and old. Just add helium, grab the leash, and take her for a walk. The Cow Airwalker Balloon walks on air and follows you everywhere. This 25'' x 17'' foil balloon is sure to be a big hit. Order one today!

Cow Birthday Candle

Cow Birthday Candle
Our Cow Candle is a happy cow that is ready to help lighten-up your next cow party. Little ones will enjoy this smiling cow. Each cow candle features a happy cow and a red barn. Please keep burning candles within sight. Keep of out of the reach of children and pets. Never burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. Have fun and order today!

Cow Fur Bag

Cow Fur Bag
Furry purses! Gift bags! Moove aside Christmas stockings! Our drawstring Cow Gift Bags have a mooltitude of uses! Plus, they're doubly cuddly! Made in fine short-nap faux fur! With ribbon drawstrings to pull it all together! Each Cow Gift Bag measures five inches by eight inches! Plenty of room for cow stuff! In fact, our Head Bull suggests stocking up on a few and using them instead of gift wrap! We certainly have lots of mooey items you can fill them with! Your cow-loving friends will moo with delight! Order today.

Cow Gift Bag

Cow Gift Bag
Our Cow Gift Bag is a great way to package your cow gifts. Each white paper bag is 5 1/4'' wide x 3 1/2'' deep x 8 1/4'' tall. It has a black cow image and the words Moo Moo on both sides of the bag. You can stuff it full with candy and other treats. Order a bunch today. Then you'll have them when you need them!

Cow Ice Cream Scoop

Cow Ice Cream Scoop
Talk about putting the fun in functional! Our udderly delightful Cow Ice Cream Scoop makes America's favorite treat even sweeter! The easy-to-grab hard plastic handle features a happy heifer! Makes a moolicious house-warming or hostess gift! Just add a tub of their favorite ice cream! Scoop stands 8-inches tall! Shop now before supplies melt away!

Cow Napkins

Cow Napkins
Our Cow Napkins are simple, yet elegant. They are great for parties and special events. This 2-ply luncheon napkin is 9'' wide and is packaged in packs of 40. Our Cow Napkins are priced to mooove! A cow party rocks! Order today and feel the power of the cow.

Cow Party 8-Pack

Cow Party 8-Pack
Calling all party animals! Of the bovine kind, of course! Here is a set that will give you everything you need for a moo-velous cow party! Celebrate your occassion in style with the Cow Party Pack! Order today!

Cow Party 8-Pack includes:
2 Cow Print Table Covers
8 Cow Print Balloons
8 (8 oz.) Cow Print Paper Cups
1 Pack of Party Cow Napkins
1 Pack of Party Cow Plates

Cow Print Balloons

Cow Print Balloons
Make your party with black and white Cow Print Balloons! Divine for bovine birthdays! Moo-larious for wedding showers! Perfect for when the old bull is celebrating a special occasion! Tie them up inside and out! Imagine how great the barn will look! Don't they just make you want to get your graze on? Blown up, balloons measure about 11-inches! 100% latex! 100% fun! Order today!

Cow Print Paper Cups

Cow Print Paper Cups
Our Cow Print Paper Cups are sure to be a big hit at your next party! Our 8 ounce Cow Print Paper Cups are sold in sets of eight! Great cups for young and old. Everyone enjoys these! Follow the herd over to the shopping cart and order Cow Print Paper Cups today.

Cow Print Spreader Set

Cow Print Spreader Set
Amoose and delight your dinner guests with our Cow Print Spreader Set! Cheese spread, dips, or lashings of butter, these happy little heifers dive straight in! Better still; make some of your favorite dip and a set of these for an inspired hostess gift! They also make great housewarming or moolywed gifts! Thick, easy-grip handles! Set of four! Each knife stands at four-and-a-half inches high. Order now!

Cow Print Table Cover

Cow Print Table Cover
Calling all party animals! Of the bovine kind, of course! Here's a table cover that protects your table and gets you in the moo'd to party! Classic black and white cow print! Practical lightweight plastic! Throw it over your table! Add food and revelers! Moo-ve and groove! Simply throw away at the end of the festivities! Anything but moo-dane! Shop now, while we have lots of Cow Print Table Covers on hand, or should we say on hoof?

Cow Shaped Birthday Balloon

Cow Shaped Birthday Balloon
Our 42'' Cow Shaped Birthday Balloon is our biggest balloon. It says, ''Holy Cow! Another birthday'' on the balloon. This two-sided foil balloon comes unfilled and packaged. You supply the helium when you're ready. Use Mylar Balloon with caution. Order today.

Cow Shot Glass

Cow Shot Glass
The Cow Shot Glass will liven up your next party. It also looks really great! Use it as a decorative piece in your cow collection. In testing this item, We found it's best to hold cow by her ears to drink from. Dishwasher safe. But not recommended for microwaves. Made of cermaic. Pack and shipped with care. Order today!

Google Eyes Birthday Balloon

Google Eyes Birthday Balloon
Our Google Eyes Birthday Balloon is sure to big be a hit at your next birthday balloon. This 21 inch, two-side balloon has google eyes on both sides. It's always looking at you. You can't get away. This cow balloon comes packaged and unfilled. You supply the helium, ribbon and weight. Hours of fun with our Google Eyes Birthday Balloon. Order today!

Holy Cow Birthday Balloon

Holy Cow Birthday Balloon
Our Holy Cow Birthday Balloon is a great way to say Happy Birthday to that special someone. This two-sided, 18'' foil, holgraphic balloon comes packaged to you. You supply the helium when you're ready. Hours of fun at your next birthday party. Attached a ribbon and weight (not included). Order several today.

Longhorn Cow Balloon

Longhorn Cow Balloon
The Longhorn Cow Balloon is a 23'' foil cow balloon. You supply the helium and this longhorn will fly for weeks. It can be refilled with helium! Order today to make your party stand out from the herd.

Milk Can Slime

Milk Can Slime
The Milk Can Slime is one of those gifts better to give than to receive. A funny gag gift for that special someone! Each Milk Can stands 3 1/2'' tall. You can't swallow this stuff. If you open it and spill it, it may stain your clothes. Not recommended for children. Order your gag gift today.

Mooing Cow Head Cap

Mooing Cow Head Cap
If being a cow fan has really gone to your head, then our Mooing Cow Head Cap is the perfect gift! The soft, velvety bovine fits on the noggin for all to see! The legs and tail dangle down! Push button on side to make it moo! Just look at her cute little face! Fits most adults! Calves love 'em! Top off a Halloween cowstume or simply wear one for fun around the barn! Hoof it over to the shopping basket now!

Party Cow Invites

Party Cow Invites
The Party Cow Invites is a fun way to invite friends to your party. Each invite has the following sections ... For, Date, Time, Place and R.S.V.P. The Party Cow Invites are sold in packs of eight. Includes envelopes. Features a fun design. Order today.

Party Cow Napkins

Party Cow Napkins
Get out the grill! And, oh yeah, where are my Party Cow Napkins? Well, here they are! Waiting for your next get-together! Be the hit of your next party! Wait until your guests see and use your Party Cow Napkins! They'll want some also! Hoof it over to the shopping cart and order our Cow Party Napkins today!

Party Cow Plates

Party Cow Plates
Our Set of 8 Cow Paper Plates are sure to be a big hit at your next cow party! A big 9'' wide dinner plate. Have a party with a whole barnyard gang! Kids love them! Order our Party Cow Plates today!

Smiley Cow Balloon

Smiley Cow Balloon
The Smiley Cow Balloon is a fun heifer to have around for parties. Inflate with helium, and it will float for weeks. It can be refilled. The Smiley Cow Balloon has superior float time and will put a smile on your guests' faces. Order today!

Smooch Balloon

Smooch Balloon
Our Smooch Balloon is a fun gift to give to that special someone. This double sided, 21'' foil cow balloon will make him or her smile. Just fill it with helium and attach a weight so it doesn't float away. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. Order today!

The Big Cow Balloon

The Big Cow Balloon
The Big Cow Balloon will be a great conversation piece at any cow party for the young or old. Everyone will want to take the cow for a walk. The cow balloon measures 15'' tall x 25'' long. We suggest you attach a weight if you're outside or in a room with high ceilings. This helium filled cow tends to rise to the top! Order today.

Cow Candy Dispenser

Cow Candy Dispenser
Mooo ... This cow delivers the candy! Our Cow Candy Dispenser is a handcrafted wooden candy dispenser with a whimsical milk-bottle design on the leg! Pull her tail and the candy drops out! (Candy not included). A concealed lid on top allows you to fill with small candies! Great item for parties! Our Cow Candy Dispenser is udderly kool! Order one today!

Cow Depot

Let the Fun Begin
Outrageous feather top bottle cow-ver slips over your long-necks and lets the whole herd know you're one cow crazy party animal !
PA110 Soft and Feathery Bottle Cover


Mooo-ing Mask
They'll never know its moo ! Party Herdy with this moo-ing cow mask. Save your vocal chords and press the nose so everyone can hear the good moo's.


Lite-Up Pin !
Get noticed in the dark. Wearable cute little pin will have you glowing in multicolors. A great cow-versation piece !


Cow Lunch Napkins
The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Party Line starts with these colorful, moo-tiful lunch napkins.
PA150 Size 12" x 12 " Napkins


Cow Coctail Napkins
These smaller sized Cow Jumped Over the Moon cocktail napkins are great for small sized servings like hor's doeuvres or buffalo wings.


Cow Party Centerpiece
Wow, this cow jumped over the moon and landed in the middle of your party table ! A nice centerpiece for these matching cow items.
PA170 11" Diameter


Memo Moognet
One of our most popular items 'cause it has sooooo many uses. This little cow has a front and back, each with a magnet. The magnets, of course, stick together.. and that's fun you can just play with the little cow. It also may be used to 'hold things' like table seating cards, business cards, even letters you are typing or pictures, too.

This nicely detailed ceramic 'memo moognet' makes an inexpensive party favor. Your guests will use for years to come !

PA390 2 " long x 1" high Memo Moognet


Cow Theme Dinner Plate
Whether you're having a cookout or planiing an indoor cel-cow-bration... these high quality disposable plates will ac-cow-moo-date anything you can dish out.
PA180 Size 9" Dinner Plates


Cow Theme Small Dessert Plate
Happy Bithday to Moo ! Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Layer Cake or Cow Pies it does not matter these dessert plates are perfect for any moocassion.
PA330 Size 7" Plate


Hot or Cold Cow Beverage Cups
Whether you are serving hot cow-fee or cold cococow-la, these great little party cups are for all party beverages.


Cow Invitations
In this day of E-mail and instant moosages, the 'old fashioned' way is still the most appreciated. Invite your guests with a writtten invitation. A great keepsake they'll surely cherish.


Thank You Cards
What a nice way to say 'Thank Moo.' Show your guests that you mooprecieate the gifts they have given. Its a very nice thing to do.


Party Banners
Lets De-cow-rate! Party Banners unfold to be 10 feet long... hang'em from one end of the room to the udder.


Cow Print Party Bags
Whether you're handing out a grab bag or just packaging leftovers, nothing sets the cow party mooood better than our cow print party bags.


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100 Cow Print Balloons Cow Print Plates-Dessert Big Cow Print Table Cover
Cow Print Party Pack for Eight!
Blow Up Cow Balloon Cow Print Bandana Cow Print Party 8-Pack
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Cow Print Table Runner Cow Print Cloth Table Runner Party Cow 8-Pack
Cow Horn Hat, Cow Caps, Cow Hats, Cap, Hats at Simply Bovine. Cow Centerpiece, cow table setters and Simply Bovine.
Cow Smooch Balloon Plush Cow Head Cap Cow Centerpiece
Bobble Udder Shot Glass, Cow Shot Glasses, Cow Party Supplies at Simply Bovine.
Bobble Udder Shot Glass Cow Shaped Birthday Balloon Holy Cow Birthday Balloon
Mooing Chip Clip at Simply Bovine. Cow Plate, Cow Candy Dish, Cow Tray, Cow Dishes
Google Eyes Holy Cow Birthday Balloon Mooing Chip Clip Cow Plate
Udder Cow Bowl, Cow Candy Bowl at Simply Bovine
Udder Cow Bowl Smiley Cow Balloon Cow Gift Bag
Cow Fur Bag Party Cow Plates Party Cow Napkins
Cow Print Invite Mooing Cow Head Cap Party Cow Invites
Cow Ice Cream Scoop Cow Candy Dispenser Cow Print Spreader Set
Cow Disposable Tablecloth
Cow-ver you party table with this very large brilliantly colored disposable table cloth. Cel-cow-brate any special occasion.
Cowpokes Game Book
Keep the kids occupied with this fun little activity book. Great for after the cowpokes finish the cake and get bored..
Cowdorable Paper Placemats
Oh these are cute as cute can be. Get'em by the bunch they may be used for parties, barbeques, kitchens and just everyday they are sooooo cute ! Die cut too in the shape of this cow. Nice quality and 'nice for the price.'
Holy Cow Another Birthday !
Yes, its true..another birthday. This mylar balloon says it all cow-loud and clear without actually mentioning 'over the hill.'
No Udder Ballon Like it!
Nothing makes it a party more than balloons ! These cow print latex balloons are a 'must' for any cow party.
Cow Party Hat
Hat's on to Moo !
Feather Brimmed Party Hat
You're in a cow party mood Ladies when you take off your cowboy hat and put on this feather brimmed party hat for cowgirls !
Cow Plush Party Cap
It's a visor that velcro ties in the
Beer Can Cold Hold
Keep your beer cold till the cows come home ! Long necks or cans !
PINudder !
A Pinata with udders ! There's no better way to Cel-moo-brate any festive occasion.. espcially for the kids ! NIce Big Pinata makes it easy to smack this around !
HUGE Let's Sm-ooo-ch Mylar Balloon !
Get the message across loud and clear ! Compared to ordinary balloons, this is a huge oversized floating 'billboard' .Lets the world know you're in the mooood!
Happy Anniversary Porcelain Cow
Your udder half will really cow-preciate this wonderful porcelain cow keepsake. It's also a bank so you can save moo-lah together.
World's Greatest Mom Porcelain Cow
You Moo-ther will Loove this gift! A porcelain Cow thats big and oh sooo cute! It's also a bank.
Happy Birthday Porcelain Cow
What a great gift for anyone who is celebrating an-udder birthday. This birthday cow comes ready to party with a party hat ! It's also a bank..
Inflatable Cow
You can huff an puff and blow up this inflatable vinyl cow with nice udders ! Nice details for an inflatable it is cute. About 24 inches long !
Bobble Head Cow Party Favor
Party's are F U N ! Do eveyone a favor and get some party favors. This one is a bobble cow which may be used on a desk or dashboard !
Squeezie Keychain Cow Party Favor
Everyone has keys. Nopw everyone at your party can have a cos squeezie keychain. An inexpensive and cute party favor !
Happy Birthday Singing Cow
Moo won't forget this birthday present ! This cow-dorable little plush birthday cow with a party hat looks great even if it didn't do anything at all... but it sings a little birthday song and lets YOU blow out the candles ! Cowtastic ! Motion activated sensor 'knows' when you are blowing out the candles !

Once the party is over it would be a lot easier if you had a maid or cleaning service to come and take care of the mess. You can find an reliable NYC cleaning service that will quickly take care of any post party mess.

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