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MOOvies with MOOing Cows

Here you'll find a list of movies that feature cows in them. If you know of a movie with a cow in it that I missed let me know.

If you know of a movie with a cow in it that I missed let me know.

The Color Purple (Cow Road Sign)

The Searchers (Cow was sacrificed for the greater good...or so they thought)

A League of Their Own (Distracting cow)

Tommy Boy (Cow Tipping..its only a movie don't try this in real life)

Dirty Harry (I thought I was a herd of buffalo in San Francisco)

Return to Salem's Lot (Vampires need blood, people's blood had aids and other diseases, cows have blood, what more is there to say)

Top Secret!  (They dress up as cows, what more can one ask for?)

Spartacus (Where the idea of flaming cows began)

Blazin Saddles (Can't have a western without some cows somewhere)

City Slickers (Billy Crystal and a Cow spend quality time together)

Jurassic Park (Velociraptor have to eat too) 

Twister (Cool MOOing cow in a tornado)

Mars Attacks! (When Mars Attacks even the cows aren't safe ;-( )

The Horse Whisperer (Cows Everywhere)

Thelma and Louise (Can't drive around Texas without seeing cows somewhere)

Hope Floats (Cows are seen but none are heard)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Cow Catapult)

Throw Momma From The Train (Danny Devito interrupts his conversation with Billy Crystal to point at a billboard, "Look! Cows!")

Back To The Future (When you go back to the pass, there are always cows to welcome you, not like the humans)

Naked Gun (Barns are the best place for clandestine meetings, a cow will never talk)

The Rare Breed (an old western about a bull)

Men in Black (Cows are never aliens)

Gone with the Wind (newly released in theaters, with MOOing cows like they did in the 1930s)

Mafia! (The twister cow returns -- but the sheep have all the good lines)

Saving Private Ryan Remember, if your in a war, the safest place is behind a dead cow)

Wizard of Oz (Cow Cameo at beginning, then a twister cow during tornado)

Odd Couple II (Nothing says your in the middle of no where than a picture of a herd of cows.)

Silverado (My favorite western :-)

Patch Adams (Look for the big ceramic cow at the beef convention)

Analyze This (The MOB harasses innocent grazing cows)

Shakespeare in Love (There is a COWmeo)

Entrapment (COWmeo of long haired cow herd)

Lake Placid
(How do you bait a 30 foot crocodile??? You dunk a cow like a tea bag in a lake of course)

Runaway Bride (Lots of cows in the background)

Thomas Crown Affair, The (Proved the old MOOOvie adage,  nothing says out of the city than a mooing cow.)

Dudley Do Right (in the cartoon before the movie, that's the best part anyway)

Mumford (Herd of black angus (I think) cows watching them throwing the ball around)

Three Kings (Cows and War always seem to go together)

Dogma (Well no live cows, but there is this cool cow statue called MOOBY and they eat at MOOBY burger)

Erin Brockovich (Another Julia Roberts movies with cows in the back ground)

Battlefield Earth (yes in the year 3000 when man is an endangered species, there are still mooing cows)

Shanghi Noon (Want to break your husband out of prison in the old west....Got COW???)

Me, Myself & Irene (One cow, 6 shots to the head, almost killed her, but no animals harmed in the making of this movie)

But I'm A Cheerleader (farm set but only cow is in a painting)

Little Vampires (cows in the barn hanging from the
rafters.. flying saber-toothed cows)

The Emperor's New Groove (The Emperor was turned into a llama, but a lucky guard is turned into a cow )

Oh Brother, Where art thou.  (Oh the cow cruelty ;-( )

The Pledge (Herd of cows blocks Jack Nicholson's way)

Hannibal (No cows was eaten during the course of this movie, but what was eating is really disgusting, maybe you shouldn't see this movie)

The Mexican (they couldn't afford a herd of cows so there was only 2 cows blocking Brad Pitt's way)

Price Of Milk (A story of a man a woman and 117 cows)

Crocodile Dundee In LA (they use the twister cow)

Kingdom Come (Sets the seen with a cow)

Eureka (All I can say is Eureka there's a cow in this 3+ hr subtitled Japanese film)

Pearl Harbor (Can't have a good war movie without a cow)

Freddie got fingered (I didn't see it, but someone said it has a cow)

Animal (the poor scared cows, as the farmer said "they can't eat, can shit, that's all they know how to do")

Dr Dolittle II (Cows went on strike)

Scary Movie 2 (twister cow returns, can't get enough of the twister cow)

Apocalypse Now (regarding the cow, Brando said it best, "The horror, the horror")

Rat Race (Funniest movie I have ever seen with a cow)

For richer or poorer'  ("man, that cow is hung"- Tim Allen)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Mooby the cow returns and is shot)

Kung Pow (worse cow movie I have ever seen, cool cow scene though)

Mr Deeds (Left his cows for the big city ;-( )

Master of Disguise (maybe the movie would have been better if he disguised himself as a cow)

Serving Sara (Mathew Perry has up close and personal with a bull, but will the bull respect him in the morning)

Jackass: The Movie (Small cameo of bull chasing a man in the credits.)

Speed 2 (a cow flies out of the flaming ship wreckage, showing cows have great survival instincts))

Die Another Day (At the end, the world is saved, bond is getting it on with Halle Barry and an Asian man is walking with a Yak that MOOs.  Symbolizing the world is safe cows everywhere.)

Someone Like You (Ashley Judd explains the New Cow Theory of Dating)

Capturing The Freidmans (When visiting the federal prison in Wisconsin, there is always time to see the cows)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (From kicking badguys butt to birthing cows the angels can do it all)

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (Where is the league of extraordinary cows)

Johnny England (Could have had some good cow scenes, but didn't)

Gigli (OK OK, no actual cow, but Ben Affleck uses an cow/bull analogy and he actually MOOs, other than that it was a bad movie, you know looking for cows and hearing people moo is sometimes the only saving grace of a movie.  For example....Gigli)

Seabiscuit (One short bull fighting scene, other than that, it was mostly about horses)

The Rundown (Cow army on the MOOOOOve)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Not one cow was harmed during this movie, can't say that about the teenagers)

Cat In The Hat (Bully for the cat)

Calendar Girls (I prefer Cowendars)

Cheaper by the Dozen (I want to say this about alot of movies, it starts off with a shot of Steve Martin jogging in front of cows, and then the movie goes down hill from there)

Some friendly cow lover wrote in, and I quote "You missed out the Spanish film Vacas by the genius director Julio Medem  It is a cow classic you must see it, it stars the most beautiful bovines!"

Torque (They spent so much on motorcycles they could only afford one cow, the fools)

50 First Dates (Remember when you are driving over roads that cut through cow pastures to be careful or you will have to have 50 first dates with Adam Sandler)

Home on the Range (Roseanne Barr is a cow, 'nough said)

The Alamo (Wars movies and cows always go together)

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (when Pete and Tad are milking the cows. They have the cutest scene when the camera gets up close to the cow to hear it moo.)

Van Helsing (Cows are never safe when vampires are around)

Fahrenheit 9/11 (At one point the movie asks the question, are cows safe from terrorists, but there wasn't any answer)

Benji: Off the Leash (Benji may be off the leash but the cow steals the show.)

The Corporation (Corporations are anti-cow)

Lord of The Rings Trilogy (It begins with cows and ends with cows, the middle 10 hours of movie you should fast forward through) 

Ray (Mooing cows while Ray was a kid)

La Vache et le Prisonnier (Cow is costar and MOOs in french too)

Elektra (Cows didn't seem too impressed with Elektra, I wasn't either)

Man of the House (Why do movie makers thinkits funny for people to stick their arms up inside cows and bulls?)

Kung Fu Hustle (They should have had the kung fu cow of Kung Pow)

Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss (I didn't see it, but one of the fans sent it)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willie Wonka that beast says the best way to make whipped cream is from whipped cows ;-( )

The Devils Rejects (Maybe people brutally murdered but no harm to the peaceful cows)

The Dukes of Hazzard (Cows at the beginning, cows at the end, its just the middle that isn't worth seeing

The Brother's Grimm (Where was the cow jumping over the moon?

Chicken Little (Cows in the outfield, there was also Cowsmoopolitan on the newsstand))

Nacho Libre (Everyone beats Nacho even a bull)

Barnyard (You know the trailer was better than the movie)

Zoom (Cool Cow Abduction)

Bitter Harvest (Two Rock (Petaluma) CA in the late 70's or early 80's)

Napoleon Dynamite (Napolean in in the FFA and judges cows)

Michael (John Travolta is an Angel, only cows in a field make that idea believable)

Borat (The cow made out better then the bear)

Grindhouse (I think there is a pattern, when people are killed in a movie with cows, cows always survive.  Not like you see people eating burgers :-)

Jack Ass 2 (Bull chases Johnny Knoxville, Johnny Knoxville survives ;-( )

Ghost Rider (rides in cow country, watch your step)

Walk Hard ((Cow-meo for atmosphere)

Leatherheads (In the begining only cows watched pro-football

Don't Mess With The Zohan (2 Cows got beaten up ;-)

Tropic Thunder (Why were they hanging out with a Yak?)

Disaster Movie (The twister movie effect again.  Can't have a tornado without a cow

W (Well he was from Texas)

The Last King Of Scotland (Was that an Ankole cow or a Wassbi..Fooled ya they are the same breed)

Year One (Those were Highland Cows if you was wondering)

Inglourious Bastards (In Tarantino films lots of people are killed, but cows are never harmed)

Did you hear about the Morgans? (I heard a cow kicked Mrs. Morgan)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The Minotaur throws a couple cows, shame on him)

Leap Year (Cows are blocking the roads ;-)

The Dictator (Cow was executed..well maybe)

The Watch (they blew up a cow)

Branded (you can see the rarely seen Red Cow Sacrifice purification ritual...I kid you not)


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