Cows in the sky!!!


There are many famous cows.  Elsie (the Borden cow), Mrs. O Leary cow who allegedly started the Chicago fire, the cow parade cows who inhabit many cities.  But the most famous cow or course is Taurus the Bull.  This page is dedicated to this cow :-)

Taurus is best seen in the November sky.   Below is a an evening sky map  of late November at around 10 PM.  Taurus is highlighted in red.

Constallation of Taurus

The stars of Taurus (Bright Stars | Deep Sky | Other Deep Sky | Variable Stars | Double Stars)

Finding Taurus in the sky (Star hopping to Pleiades)

Is Taurus attacking Orion, the Hunter, or are the Horns of the Bull the real story

Constellation of the Month - Taurus (This site has the best view of Taurus in my opinion)

Other websites about Taurus:


Mazzaroth -- Star Chart Taurus and Opposite Scorpius


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