Real Bovine Trademarks

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The time has come, I've used the word for years now, I'm actually making money, its time to register what is mine :) Anyway, I decided to see what other bovine inspired words have been trademarked, here are a few for your a-moo-sement comments are my own ;-)

Bovisure This must be EPT for cows. or Not sure if your calf is a cow or a bull??? use bovisure to be absolutely sure. :-)
Bovishield & BOVI-SHIELD When its ur cows time of the month
Interbull This is why you want to be bovisure
DIVINE BOVINE Lives in cow heaven no doubt
DIVINE BOVINE HOLY COW IT'S TERRIFIC Can't get enough trite sayings for a slogon
BOVIGAM For when your cows on the road again
BOVINE 'N' SWINE'S When you can't make up your mind which you like best
THE COW GODDESS Probably engaged to the divine bovine
BOVINE INSPIRATIONS I've been imprired by cows in so many ways
BOVINE BEACON Lojack for cows?
COW CAFE' After a long day at the bovine bazaar, you just want to relax at the cow cafe
BOVINE BOOSTER Chicago bull cheer leaders?
BOVINE PRE-HEAT I usually preheat the oven before putting in a potroast, but this seems faster
BOVINE BERRY Almost as tasty as cow chips only fruit flavored
BOVIGROW Plant your cow chips and add this stuff and watch your bovigrow
TECHNI-COW Well technically its a cow, but we aren't 100% sure
BOVINE CHIC When u want that fresh from the pasture look
BOVITEST What you do with techni-cows that your not sure of
"BORROW A BULL" Old saying "Why buy the cow when u can borrow a bull"
BOVINAL I wonder if it has automatic flushing
BOVICLEAR Cleans of the blemishes of teenaged cows
BOVINE PRACTICE Makes perfect especially if you are going to have a bovitest later
JOLLY BOVINE PUB A place where everyone knows your moo

Last modified: May 23, 2004