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Cow Painting by Jackie Spurrier In my studio in Somerset I can hear the cows mooing in the surrounding fields and often they thunder down the road followed by the low throb of a Landrover. This feeds my passion for painting my bovine friends. - Denise Rich paints really pretty holstein cows art

Joan Vandermeer Artist I love painting animals, especially cows. They were my first painting subject. I like to think of cows doing everyday things and find humor in dressing them up. My painting "The Hoofin Heifers At the Moolin Rouge," was a parody of the movie.

KunstKopen   - Cow Art

B & C Crafts - Whimsical Cow Signs

UniquelyTexas - Cow Plaque, Weathervane and Jams, Sauces and Chilis In Cow Spotted boxes

Switch Hits - America's Largest Selection of Decorative Light Switchplates 

Nature's Designs - Cow Skulls

Kritters In The Mailbox - Cow Fanny Pack

Eagle Run - Wood carved cow head, planter, shelf, skeleton head, towel holder & more, you have to look around the site to find them.

Cowtraders  - Huge amount of varied cow stuff.

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Last modified: June 03, 2008