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Afrikaner Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa

American BeltieTM("Mini-Cookie") Miniature

American BeltieTM("Mini-Cookie") Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society

Angus Society of South Africa

Alabama Angus Association

Alberta Angus Association

American Angus Association

A*L*O*T Angus Association

Angus Argentino

The Angus Society of Australia

Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association

Illinois Angus Association

Iowa Angus Association

Kansas Angus Association

Louisiana Angus Association

Manitoba Angus Associaiton

Miami Valley Angus Association

Miniature Angus, American and Australian Lowline Society and Registry

Missouri Angus Association

Montana Angus Association

Nebraska Angus Association

New Zealand Angus Association

Oklahoma Angus Association

Ontario Angus Association

Saskatchwan Angus Association

Texas Angus Association

West Virginia Angus Association

Virginia Angus Association



Ankole Watusi International Registry

World Watusi Association

AuburnshireTM Miniature Cattle

AuburnshireTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Australian Kyrhet Miniature

Australian Kyrhet Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


Australian Ayrshire Breeders Association

Ayrshire Australia Limited

Ayrshire New Zealand

Ayrshire Breeders' Association

Ayrshire Breeders Association of Canada

Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain & Ireland

BarbeeTM Miniature

BarbeeTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


Breeders Association of America


The Australian Bazadaise Cattle Society Inc.

Bazadaise Breeders of Australia

British Bazadaise Cattle Society


American Beefalo Association

Beefalo Society of Australia


Arkansas Beefmaster Breeders Association

Beefmaster Breeders United

Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Beefmaster

Beefmaster Cattle Breeders/ Society of South Africa

Central States Beefmaster Breeders Association

Louisiana Beefmaster Breeders Association

Ozark and Heart of America Beefmaster Breeders

Southeastern Beefmaster Breeders Association

Belgian Blue

American Belgian Blue Breeders

Belgian Blue Cattle Society of New Zealand

Belgian Blue in the Czech Republic

Border Belgian Blue Club

British Belgian Blue Cattle Society

Canadian Belgian Blue Association

Missouri Belgian Blue Association

Northern Ireland Belgian Blue Club

BelmontTM(Irish Jersey) Miniature

BelmontTM(Irish Jersey) Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Belted BelmontTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


Bison Centre of Excellence

Canadian Bison Association

Eastern Bison Association

InterTribal Bison Cooperative

Iowa Bison Association

Manitoba Bison Association

The Michigan Bison Association

Minnesota Buffalo

National Bison Association

North Dakota Buffalo Association

The Northwest Bison Association

Oklahoma Bison Association

Peace Country Bison Association

Pennsylvania Bison Association

The Texas Bison

Wisconsin Bison Producers Association

Dakota Territory Buffalo Association

The Great Plains Buffalo Association

Black BaldieTM Miniature

Black BaldieTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


Blonde d'Aquitaine

American Blonde d'Aquitaine Association

Blonde d'Aquitaine Society of Australia

Asociación Argentina Criadores Blonde D'Aquitaine

Blonde d'Aquitaine - British Blonde Society

Blonde d'Aquitaine - Canadian Association

Denmark Blonde d'Aquitaine Association (BAQ)

Guyenne Blond

Blonde d'Aquitaine Stamboek Nederland

New Zealand Blonde d'Aquitaine

North East Blonde Club

Ontario Blonde d'Aquitaine Association

Swedish Blonde d'Aquitaine Association


Bonsmara Cattle Breeders Society of Australia

Bonsmara Cattle Breeders' Society


Australian Braford Society Inc

United Braford Breeders


American Brahman Breeders Association

Area-13 Brahman Association

Australian Brahman Breeders Association

Brahman Breeders Society of South Africa

Carolinas Brahman Breeders Association

Southern Brahman Group

Texas Brahman Association

World Brahman Federation


Australian Brahmousin Association


Argentine Brangus Association

Australian Brangus Cattle Association, Ltd

International Brangus Breeders Association

International Red Brangus Breeders Association

Red River Brangus Association


Australian Braunvieh Association

Braunvieh Association of America

Texas Braunvieh Association

British White

British White Cattle Association Of America

American British White Park Association

Brown Swiss

Asociacion Argentina de Criadores de Ganado Pardo Suizo

Associacao Brasileira de Criadores de Gado Pardo-Suico

Brown Swiss Association

Swiss Brown Cattle Breeders Federation

Canadian Brown Swiss Association

Mexican Brown Swiss Association

Brown Swiss Cattle Association of New Zealand Inc


BueLingo Cattle Society

Midwest BueLingo Cattle Association

BurienshireTM Miniature

BurienshireTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


Brasilian Associaiton of Canchim Cattle Breeders

Cattleman Associations

Arizona Cattlemen's Association

Arkansas Cattlemen's Association

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA)

Central Virginia Cattlemen Association

Collier County Cattlemen's Association

Colorado Cattlemen's Association

DeKalb-Kane Cattlemen's Association

Florida Cattlemen's Association

Georgia Cattlemen's Association

Grenville Cattlemen: Association

Hernando County Cattlemens Association

Indiana State Dairy Association

Iowa Cattlemen's Association

Kansas Cattlemen's Association (KCA)

Kentucky Cattlemen's Association

Michigan Cattleman's Association

Minnesota Cattlemen's Association

Mississippi Cattlemen's Association

Missouri Cattlemen's Association

National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Nebraska Cattlemen Association

Nevada Cattlemen's Association

New Mexico Cattle Growers Association

Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association (NTCA)

North Carolina Cattlemen's Association

Oklahoma Cattlemen Association

Oregon Cattlemen Association

Ontario Cattlemen's Association

Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Associations (PCA)

South Carolina Cattlemen's Association (SCCA)

South Dakota Cattlemen's Association

Independent Cattlemen's Association of Texas

Virginia Cattlemen's Association (VCA)



Cattlewomen Association

Alabama Cattlewomen Association

American National CattleWomen

Arkansas CattleWomen's Association

California CattleWomen

Florida CattleWomen

Georgia CattleWomen's Association

Montana CattleWomen

Oklahoma CattleWomen's Association

Nebraska Cattlewomen

Nevada Collegiate Cattlewomen

Oregon CattleWomen

San Luis Obispo County CattleWomen

Texas Cattlewomen

Texoma CattleWomenTexoma CattleWomen

Wyoming CattleWomen


Alberta Charolais Association

American International Charolais Association

Asociacion Argentina de Criadores de Charolais

Australian Charolais Society

Associacao Brasileira de Criadores de Charoles

British Charolais Cattle Society

Canadian Charolais Association

Charolais Association Of Texas

Charolaisusa Association

The Danish Charolais Cattle Society

Irish Charolais Cattle Society

Louisiana Charolais Breeders' Association

Manitoba Charolais Association

Minnesota Charolais Association

Charolais Breeders New Zealand

Northwest Charolais Association

Charolais Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa

Svenska Charolaisforeningen

Virginia Charolais Association


American Chianina Association


North American Corriente Association

South West Corriente Association

CovingtonshireTM Miniature

CovingtonshireTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


The American Milking Devon Association

Devon Cattle Worldwide


American Dexter Cattle Association

Australian Dexter Association

British Dexter Cattle Association Web Page 

Canadian Dexter Cattle Association

Dexter Cattle Society of New Zealand

Dexter Cattle Society

Federal Dexter Association of Germany

Legacy Dexter Cattle Registry

Dexter Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America

Vereniging Holland Dexter

Dexter Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa


Droughtmaster Stud Breeders Society

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