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Kentshire® Miniature

Kentshire® Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Red Kentshire® Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

KingshireTM Miniature

KingshireTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Lessor JerseyTM Miniature

Belted Lessor JerseyTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Lessor JerseyTM(Jersey) Miniature Cattle Society and Registry



Asociacion Argentina de Criadores de Limousin

Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Limousin

Australian Limousin Breeders Society

The British Limousin Cattle Society Ltd.

Canadian Limousin Association

Irish Limousin Cattle Society

INTERLIM Genetique Service

International Limousin Council

Mid Atlantic Limousin Association

Le Groupement Limousin Betail et Viande

Limousin New Zealand

North American Limousin Foundation

The South West of England Limousin Cattle Breeders Club

Sociedad de Criadores de Limousin del Uruguay

Svenska Limousinforeningen

Texas Limousin Association



American Lowline Registry

Australian Lowline Cattle Association


Alberta Maine-Anjou Association

American Maine-Anjou Association

Canadian Maine-Anjou Association

Iowa Junior Maine Anjou Association

Maine-Anjou Cattle, UPRA


Associacao Brasileira dos Criadores de Marchigiana

Asociación Mexicana de Criadores de Razas Italianas

Marky Cattle Association (Marchigiana)

Montbeliarde Cattle Society of Ireland
UPRa Montbéliarde
Murray Grey

American Murray Grey Association

Canadian Murray Grey Association

Murray Grey Beef Cattle in the UK

Murray Grey International, Inc.

Murray Grey Society

Northwest Murray Grey Association

Ohio Murray Grey Association

Ontario Murray Grey Association


Nguni Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa.


Irish Normande Cattle Breed Society

North American Normande Association


American Association of Bovine Practitioners

American Dairy Association & Dairy Council Mid East

American Dairy Products Institute

American Dairy Science Association

American Whitebelted Dairy Cattle Association

Animal Breeding and Genetics of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University

Australian Red Dairy Breed

Beef Cow-Calf

Beef Magazine

Beef Stocker USA

California Dairy Herd Improvement Association

Composite Beef Cattle Registry

Composite Dairy Cattle Registry

Czech Association of Beef Breeders

Dairy Industry Association of Australia

Dairy Management Inc.

Dairy MAX

Illini BeefNet

Illini DairNet

International Dairy Federation

Indiana State Dairy Association

International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry

International Red Cow Club - IRCC

Iowa Beef Center

Lithuanian Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Improvers LMGAGA

Mid Atlantic Dairy Association

National Dairy Herd Improvement Association

National Meat Association

New England Dairy & Food Council

Ohio State University Extension Beef Publications

Red & White Dairy Cattle Association

South Australian Beef Cattle Breeders Association

Southeast United Dairy Industry Association

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

Texas Beef Council

Texas Cattle Feeders Association

US Dairy Export Council

Western Dairy Council Inc.

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