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American Galloway Breeders Association

Australian Belted Galloway Association

Australian Galloway Association, Inc.

Austrian Galloway Association

Galloway Beef Marketing Association

Belted Galloway Society, Inc.

Canadian Galloway Association

The Dun and Belted Galloway Cattle Breeders Association

The Eastern Canada Galloway Association

The Galloway Cattle and Beef Marketing Association

Great Lakes Belted Galloway Association

Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand

Swiss Galloway Society

Western Belted Galloway Association


American Gelbvieh Association

The Australian Gelbvieh Association

The Canadian Gelbvieh Association

Gelbvieh Cattle Breeders Society of New Zealand

Montana Gelbvieh Association

Gelbvieh Cattle Breeders' Society Of South Africa

Four Breed Grad-WohlTM Miniature

Five Breed Grad-WohlTM Miniature Cattle Society and Registry


American Guernsey Association

Australian Guernsey Breeders Inc.

Guernsey Cattle Society of Australia

California Guernsey Cattle Club

Canadian Guernsey Association

English Guernsey Cattle Society

Iowa Guernsey Association

South African Guernsey Cattle Breeders' Society

The Guernsey Foundation

World Guernsey Cattle Federation

Happy Mountain® Miniature

Happy Mountain®Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

Hays Converter

Canadian Hays Converter Association


American Black Hereford Association

American Hereford Association

American Hereford Women

Asociacion Argentina Criadores de Hereford

Associacao Brasilerira de Hereford e Braford

Australian Hereford Society

Australian Poll Hereford Society Ltd.

Buckeye Hereford Association

Canadian Hereford Association

Danish Hereford Cattle Society

Hereford France

Georgia Hereford Association

Illinois Hereford Association & IJHA

Indiana Hereford Association

Kansas Hereford Association

Hereford Herd Book Society (UK)

Hereford Miniature Cattle Society

Minnesota Hereford Breeders

Missouri Hereford Association

Montana Hereford Association

Northeast Texas Hereford Association

North Dakota Polled Hereford Breeders

South Australian Poll Herefords

South Dakota Hereford Association

Svenska Herefordfšreningen

Swedish Hereford Association

Texas Polled Hereford Association

Wisconsin Polled Hereford Association

World Hereford Council



Alberta Highland Cattle Association

American Highland Cattle Association

Canadian Highland Cattle Society

Highland Cattle Denmark

Highland Cattle Deutschland

Highland Cattle in New Zealand

Independent Highland Cattle Breeder's Academy

International Miniature Highland Cattle Association

Midwest Highland Cattle Association

Highland Miniature Cattle Society and Registry

North of Scotland Highland Cattle Club

North East Highland Cattle Association

Northwest Highland Cattle Association

Ontario Highland Cattle Association


Alberta Holstein Association

Asociacion Criadores de Holando Argentino

Associazione Nazionale Allevatori di Razza Frisona

British Friesian Breeders Club

Holstein Breed Association

Holstein Canada

Holstein Cattle Breeders Association of the Czech Republic

Holstein Friesian Association of Australia

Holstein Friesian Association, Inc

The California Holstein Association

The Danish Holstein Association

Deutscher Holstein Verband

Holstein UK and Ireland

Israel Cattle Breeders Association




Irish Holstein Friesian Association

Maryland Holstein Association

New Zealand Holstein Friesian Association

New York Holstein Association

The Ontario Holstein Association

PA Holstein Association

Prince Edward Island Holstein Association

Slovak Holstein Association

Swiss Red Holstein Association

Wisconsin Holstein Association


American Jersey Cattle Association

American Miniature Jersey Cattle Registry

Australian Jersey Breeders Society

Jersey Canada

Jersey South Africa

Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society

United Kingdom Jersey Society

World Jersey Cattle Bureau

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